Innovative Development Solutions

Innovative Software Development Solutions and Services for Mining/Resource and Rail Industries

SATEVA Specialises In

Providing technology consulting services to the mining, metals, and rail industries.    Our company provides project management, business analysis, IT architecture, and application delivery services.     SATEVA builds custom applications in areas such as exploration, mine geology, grade control, planning, rail systems, ore tracking, inventory management, and reconciliation.

Application Development

Industry knowledge is the key to application delivery success and our staff has over 15 years’ experience developing and implementing systems for the resources industries.

We focus heavily on customer engagement to understand and document your business requirements. Once the requirements are understood and have been signed off by the client, we then use an “agile” development methodology to design, develop, test, and implement the new system. In short, SATEVA’s “agile” methodology means that the new system is designed and developed in a series of short cycles involving frequent collaboration with the client. This approach ensures improved team communication, frequent customer engagement, and a system that is delivered on time and is aligned with your business requirements.

Our team has significant experience in Microsoft.Net, SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Analysis Services and Microsoft Office technologies. Leverage our expertise in application development technologies from Microsoft and Oracle to deliver Web or Windows applications that deliver the application you envision.  Read more about our Application Development Services.

Consulting Services

Listening to the customer, understanding the problem, and proposing appropriate solutions based on past experience is the key to consulting success. Our business analysts will help agree the scope of the problem, understand the business and technical requirements, and propose and validate one or more solutions. If the business decides to proceed with the proposed solution one of our project managers can help.

If you have a critical project and require an experienced project manager with mining or rail industry experience then you need to use SATEVA’s project management services. Our project managers use a variety of methodologies and techniques that can be tailored to your organisation and culture - to plan, execute and deliver the project.  Read more about our Consulting Services.

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Rail Projects

  • Rail Obstruction Scheduling System
  • Rolling Stock GPS System
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance Delivery System

Mining & Geology Projects

  • Drilling Programme Management System
  • Block Model Statistics/Charting System
  • Regressions Management System
  • Geo-Metallurgical System
  • Misfire Analysis System
  • Vehicle and Equipment Tracking System 
  • Professional Development System
  • Integrated Planning Database
  • In-Pit Stockpiles Management System
  • Block Model Automation Prototype
  • Strategic Planning System